Note: Drum sizes are listed with the depth of the drum first then the Diamater.

Example: 08x10 = 8 inches deep width of 10 inches

Taye Blue 18"x22" Bass Drum
Taye Blue 08"x08" Tom
Taye Blue 08"x10" Tom
Taye Blue 08"x12" Tom
Taye Blue 14"x14" Floor Tom
Taye Blue 16"x16" Floor Tom


Taye Cymbal Stands
Taye Boom Arms
Taye Snare Drum Stands
Taye Hi Hat Stand w/Clutch
Taye Bass Drum Pedal
Taye Double Bass Drum Pedal
Taye Center Mounts
Taye Tom Arms
Taye Floor Tom Legs


Taye 5"x14" Blue Wood
Taye 5"x13" Blue Wood